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DIAG, Democrats for an Informed Approach to Gender, is an organization of lifelong Democratic voters working to depoliticize and shed light on the ideologically driven "gender affirming care" medical scandal.


Join our movement to shift the narrative around these experimental, dangerous medical practices and clear the path for a safer, saner, evidence-based response to gender distress experienced by our youth.



Add your voice to our growing coalition of disaffected and disillusioned Democrats who see that our party has lost its way, enabling and encouraging gender ideology to permeate and capture our culture and institutions.

We know there is power in numbers, both for influencing others and for finding the courage to speak out. We believe that many more people know that what's happening to young people is wrong, and that others, once they understand the realities of sex trait modification as a treatment for gender-related distress, will not accept this as a rational model of care.


Tell those promoting the affirmation model that we do not accept the harm to children and families that result from the indiscriminate prescription of drugs and the push for surgery as a reasonable solution for distress.

Our party is misguided about this issue and stands to lose widespread support. We cannot be the party that stands for irreparably harming vulnerable young people based on an incoherent ideology. We cannot claim to be the “party of science” while denying overwhelming evidence that the “affirmative care” model is neither safe nor effective.


DIAG is a resource for education and connection.

Find your people. Connect with those in your area who understand what's at stake and want to change the course our legislators are charting before they do further damage to the Democratic party. Use our resources to reach your elected officials. Inform your Democratic legislators. Give them the necessary tools to understand and address this critical and contentious issue. Let them know that their constituents do not stand in lockstep.


Help us build a nationwide public health campaign to inform adults and reach teens and young adults before they start down an unfounded, irreversible medical pathway. We aim to combat the dangerous misinformation leading young people to harm.


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We will never share or sell your info.

Thank you for joining DIAG!

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