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For too long, the harms of the gender-transition industry have been hidden behind rhetoric. DIAG is an organization of lifelong democratic voters working to depoliticize and shed light on this ideologically-driven medical scandal.

We’re building a movement to shift the prevailing narrative around these experimental, dangerous medical practices that comprise “gender-affirming care” (sex-trait modification) and clear the path for a safer, saner, evidence-based response to gender distress.


  • Create a large coalition of Democrats (and those who have recently unaffiliated), who are deeply concerned about our Democratic representatives’ willful ignorance and silence in the face of the destructive effects of sex-trait modification (STM) — euphemistically known as “gender-affirming care” — and gender-identity ideology, and the large-scale promotion of gender-identity ideology.

  • Demonstrate that there is a growing movement of Democrats who are critical of gender-identity ideology and STM, and that these criticisms are based on child safeguarding and science, not bigotry and ignorance.

  • Increase our Democratic representatives‘ and candidates’ understanding of STM to shift their support away from experimental medical intervention and the “affirmation” model toward exploratory therapy.

  • Develop a public health campaign to reach target audiences, providing evidence-based information about “gender-affirming care.”

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