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Download our "Who is DIAG" PDF for printing

Over the past 10 years, gender ideology has rapidly swept the nation, largely via hijacking the gay rights movement, and under the guise of kindness. Understandably, Democrats were quick to get on board. You’re likely here because you know gender ideology and the medicalization of children is in direct opposition to core liberal values: protecting vulnerable children and adults from harm; upholding the rights of women and girls to safety, dignity, and protection of their honors and achievements; holding as foundational the scientific method, including practicing evidence-based medical care; freedom of speech and thought. You know biological reality is immutable and that we cannot continue to throw gay, lesbian, and gender non-conforming/gender-distressed children under the wheels of this regressive, out of control, ideological bus.

We think so too. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, and we’re Dems, or recently ex-Dems, or newly politically homeless former Dems, who still hold onto our liberal values but believe that our party has veered way off track.

We all share a common concern: our Democratic representatives, and many of our liberal family members, friends, neighbors, relatives, icons, and organizations are supporting and promoting a harmful ideology and shutting down necessary discourse on the topic of gender. Remaining incurious about the sudden rise in adolescent girls and boys seeking to escape from their bodies, the dangerous and disturbing realities of “gender-affirming care,” and the irrational elevation of gender identity over the biological reality of sex, is neither ethical nor sustainable.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.



DIAG is an all-volunteer organization. We come from across the country, span a range of generations, and bring diverse skills and perspectives. We are parents, public health professionals, attorneys, teachers, policy experts, and others who care deeply about the welfare of those affected by gender ideology. Many of us are balancing family situations and jobs that require us to remain anonymous. Meet select members of our team:

Langdon Alger (pseudonym) is a millennial from the suburbs of Minneapolis. He studied classics and linguistics at a time when pronouns were still known to be a closed class. He then went on to become an EFL teacher, using cromulent words with agreed-upon meanings to embiggen the vocabulary of his noble students. His top voting issue has always been the environment because it’s an easy litmus test: never trust a science denier. Until very recently, Langdon’s activism was limited to making donations to MPR and simply remembering to vote. Then “The Witch Trials of JK Rowling” came along and peaked the living daylights out of him. He no longer donates to MPR but still believes this country needs sane, coherent Democrats. You don’t win friends with word salad.

Eliza B. (pseudonym) has always voted blue but currently finds herself politically homeless. She has spent her adult life working to protect the safety and rights of women and children, working as a teacher, child welfare researcher, political activist, and social worker. Over the last 20 years she founded and ran a small non profit, raised two kids, and started a small business. Currently she facilitates parent support groups, interviews parents around the country about their experiences with ROGD kids, and is one of many mothers who have lost children to gender ideology. She plans to continue telling the truth about the harms of gender medicine until all the children come home to their families and to themselves. You can read her PITT essays here and here.

UB (pseudonym) is a litigator who has devoted her career to fighting for progressive causes. As a lesbian, she opposes gender medicine because it's a scam that targets gay kids, among other victims. UB uses her legal background to help DI-AG advance policies that protect children, sex-based rights, and free speech. She breaks down the shenanigans of the trans rights movement at Bad Facts. She wants to stop the lies.

Lisa Black (pseudonym) is the founder of Massachusetts Women for Sex-Based Rights, a female-only, non-partisan, non-religious group which advocates for the sex-based rights of women and girls in Massachusetts. She continues to support and vote for Democratic candidates despite feeling utterly betrayed by their refusal to recognize, or even discuss, the importance of sex as a protected class. She wishes she had gone to law school.

Rory Bowman was first active in the Democratic Party as an advocate for Pat Schroeder, and then a Jesse Jackson delegate back in 1988. He helped win Oregon for Mondale later that year before spending most of his adult life around issues of gender justice and LGB rights. In addition to decades working toward marriage equality and similar, he was also a public school teacher for grades 5-8 and a USA-Boxing-certified coach for female combat athletes. Rory was on the statewide board for the ACLU of Washington for almost ten years, helping achieve marriage equality and legalize marijuana, before separating over issues of pediatric “gender transition.” He has since terminated all donations to organizations which support medicalizing gender-anxious youth, including Democratic candidates, and declined to vote for ANY candidate who would force male bodies into female spaces such as prisons, rape shelters or sport. He believes that there are MANY others who have and will do likewise, at significant cost to other, unrelated issues.

C.C. (pseudonym) is a mom with children who have ventured down the "gender" rabbit hole and sucked her along with it. As a credentialed teacher with an M.A.Ed, C.C. is an intensely curious person. She has spent the last 10 years reading scientific studies, listening to long form podcasts, reading countless articles about the sex-trait modification industry, and monitoring the legislation that is stripping away the rights of parents, women and children. She is part of a growing network of parents working to expose the truth behind the biggest medical scandal in modern history.

Ellen Daehnick was a little kid when President Reagan was elected. On November 4th, 1980, she gathered her family and subjected them to a heartfelt speech about how “today is a dark day for America.” So yeah, she’s a longtime Democrat. Gender ideology found Ellen when she read that an ACLU attorney was calling for a book to be banned. Ellen was shocked: “Our side doesn’t ban books, do we?” That book, Irreversible Damage by Abigail Shrier, turned out to be Ellen’s window into the impact of medical interventions for gender distress. Ellen has a background in consulting, tech and small manufacturing. She is skilled at speaking to groups, teaching, connecting people, and analyzing data. She’s focused on helping DIAG build a strong foundation and bringing our party back around to reasonable discussions and evidence-based policy. Ellen was interviewed on the Hereodorx podcast, where you can listen to her testimony in the Colorado house.

Bailey Effingham (pseudonym) got involved with the anti-gender medicine movement several years ago when her best friend's son adopted a trans identity and became erratic, uncontrollable and so unhappy. Based in Chicago, Bailey has been involved with nonprofits since the early 2000s. She uses her extensive marketing education and experience to help cause-based organizations achieve their goals, and has written many grant proposals and volunteered on several boards. While Bailey remains a Democrat, she wants to help spread the word about the non-science-based stance on gender and how it is harming families across the country.

Anne Elliot (pseudonym) holds an MPH in Epidemiology. Her lifelong interests in health in general, and iatrogenesis in particular, turn out to be a perfect match for the problems that "gender medicine" poses. As a bisexual woman concerned about the politics of sexual minorities, she was surprised to discover how the deep-pocketed interests of the T are often at odds with those of the LGB. She has also helped elect a number of Democrats.

Daisy G. (pseudonym) is a life-long democrat who knocked on doors for both of Bernie Sanders campaigns. She started a theater company educating marginalized youth on dating and domestic violence back in the 1990s when people did that kind of thing. She is one of the legions of mothers who saw their children disappear under the weight of gender ideology and now impatiently awaits the end of this medical scandal that has ruined bodies, minds, families, art and all people’s ability to freely speak without fear.

Catherine Klein (pseudonym) is a GenZ lesbian software engineer and data geek. She supported gender medicine until she read dozens of studies and found the evidence base lacking. If anything, the evidence that gender medicine causes harm, especially to children, is far stronger than showing benefits. She dreams that one day, the gender issue will be non-partisan and evidence-based before more Democratic voters are alienated and more children are harmed.

Gigi LaRue (pseudonym) is a Democrat, pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. She currently volunteers as the West Coast intake coordinator for the international non-profit Our Duty. She has a BA in Psychology with a minor in Adolescents, Community & Education and is currently finishing her MA in Clinical Psychology with the hope of offering support to families of trans-identified and formerly trans-identified children and young adults. She has a "PhD" in Gender Studies from the University of Life and is dedicated to spreading awareness about the emergent medical scandal that is euphemistically called “Gender Affirming Care.” Her skills include connecting like-minded people, outreach, and organizing events.

C.M. (pseudonym) works in policy analysis and legislative affairs, after having started his career in Democratic campaigns and consulting firms in 2012 in field, finance, and communications. He has worked in a number of different states, but now resides in his home state of Massachusetts and works in state politics. He has a BA in philosophy and a Master’s in public policy.

Jenny Poyer Ackerman is the mother of a trans-identifying daughter and writes TransMuted on Substack. She contributed a chapter on ROGD to the book “Women’s Rights: Gender Wrongs,” published by Women’s Declaration International in 2023.

Before gender ideology activists captured Dem policy makers, Camille Ridley (pseudonym) was a Democratic party-line voter in northern New England. As a career educator, she has worked with hundreds of families. As a writer, her focus has been on raising mental health awareness and empowering teenage girls. She has an adult son with severe special needs and has devoted years to advocating for services for children with autism and other developmental delays.

Judith Roland (pseudonym) is a lifetime liberal, Democratic voter, and devotee of the scientific method who recently retired from 23 years working in environmental and transportation planning for a California city. She has watched the Democratic Party with increasing dismay and alarm as they have abandoned science when it comes to “gender” and is working with DIAG to help wake her party up before their unempirical and anti-woman stance causes them to lose elections.

Ellie Swimmer (pseudonym), a life-long Democratic voter — and a daughter of yellow-dog Dems, was dragged into this nightmare by her child who, like so many others, fell into gender identity ideology during the COVID lockdown. After waiting in vain for the cavalry to come, Ellie realized in horror that the cavalry was largely parents like her and she began fighting to end this while watching the clock tick for her son. Specializing in public health communications and design, she brings the skills necessary to take complex scientific concepts and make them accessible and compelling to lay audiences in order to promote health-protective behaviors. Now a politically homeless liberal, she is dedicated to developing evidence-based messaging that’s accurate and effective for helping people — including teens, parents, legislators, and others — understand the tremendous failure and scandal that is “gender medicine.” Ellie has written several articles for PITT, including this two-part essay (part 1 and part 2) about life for liberal Democrats living in the Upside-Down.


Tena Zara is a lawyer and mother of three. A former BigLaw attorney who spent a decade working in the MIT ecosystem, she was counsel in the MIT Technology Licensing office and the MIT Office of the General counsel before becoming Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel of edX, an online learning platform launched by Harvard and MIT. Currently, she runs her own successful law practice representing biotech, pharma and technology companies. She helped in one detransitioner case so far and is currently investigating the viability of large-scale lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for practices related to drugs used for the treatment of gender dysphoria. Prior to becoming a lawyer, she was a journalist and wrote many press releases for edX. She is a lifelong Democratic voter who will not vote for Democrats until this madness ends.


The hyphen represents the break between rational thought and ideologic capture. Just kidding. It’s because we couldn’t come up with the $5M some guy in Switzerland wanted for

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