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  1. A moratorium on any and all gender-related medical treatments for those under 25 until a systematic evidence review shows a clear, lifelong benefit to patients. In addition, we will advocate for the development of diagnostic criteria, including a screening and assessment protocol, that can definitively determine who will benefit long-term from sex-change treatments.

  2. Acknowledgement by major medical associations of the gross inadequacy of WPATH’s guidance document and of WPATH as worthy of providing any direction regarding gender-related medical care.

  3. Equal medical coverage for patients who experience post-treatment regret.

  4. The development of a true Standards of Care and the requirement that the practices outlined are adhered to by clinicians.

  5. Fines/penalties and loss of license for any clinician who has participated in the transition of any minor and young adult under 25 with any psychiatric diagnosis, developmental disability, or addiction problem.

  6. The development of evidence-based treatment protocols to reduce or remediate iatrogenic harm from GAC.

  7. Well-designed research studies to develop and evaluate treatment options for those who wish to stop and reverse the effects of hormone treatments and those who have suffered harm from surgical interventions.

  8. The expansion of evidence-based treatment options for GD, including exploratory psychotherapy.

  9. Elimination of ideology-based belief systems and activist theory presented as fact within the school setting, including gender ideology and "sex as a spectrum."

  10. Elimination of gender affirmation in all psychotherapy/counseling, in private practice, HMO/PPO, and schools, under the threat of fines and loss of license.

  11. End all aspects of unlicensed psychosocial intervention within the school setting including social transition — no inquiry regarding, or use of, cross-gender pronouns or neopronouns; no name other than that provided on official school documents or shortened versions without permission from parents.

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